• Mardi Gras Extravaganza at Sea
Mardi Gras Extravaganza at Sea

1st  – 7th May 2020


Celebrate aboard SuperStar Gemini in the exuberant spirit of New Orleans Mardi Gras!

We’re embracing the world famous carnival with a dazzling street party of colourful parades, fanciful costumes and joyous performances.

Let the good times roll jiving along with live jazz, indulging in authentic Cajun specialties and joining entertaining traditional games.



Flamboyant Grand Parade

Experience Mardi Gras like a local joining our fun-filled Grand Parade!

Dressing-up in flamboyant colours of anything purple, gold or green is a tradition of festivities since the 19th century, symbolising purple for justice, gold for power, and green for faith.

The tradition extends to colourful beads tossed around by our players for you to catch. These beads are known as “throws” – and the secret code for requesting them is calling the phrase "throw me something mister!"


Mysterious Masquerade Party

Shed your inhibitions behind a mask to fully imbibe in the party-spirit at our mysterious Masquerade party!

This enduring tradition of Mardi Gras is a chance to let your hair down without anyone knowing who you are – dancing the night away to our live band’s New Orleans jazz, and playing fun party games to soak-up the carnival atmosphere.


Traditional “Fat Tuesday” Cajun Cuisine

Savour the authentic flavour of traditional Cajun cuisine – an essential ingredient of Mardi Gras festivities in the celebration also known as “Fat Tuesday” for over-indulgence in food and drinks.

An exotic feast of Mardi Gras delicacies at Mariners Restaurant* by our culinary team extends from Louisiana Jambalaya and Cajun Crayfish to traditional King Cake! Don’t forget to try the Mardi Gras pastries# like King Cupcake, Trifle and King Cake Doughnut and colourful Mardi Gras special drinks# at Rendezvous Bar and Blue Lagoon.

only available at theme nights for 4 & 5-night sailings



Crowning the Carnival King!

Will you be crowned “The King of Carnival”?

For this honoured distinction, our culinary team continues the historic King Cake tradition, baking King Cakes with a hidden surprise within as the symbol of “Twelfth Night”.

And whoever finds it in their slice of cake will be crowned Carnival King – adorned in full regal costume and pageantry on a King’s Throne for unforgettable photos with a mysterious prize!


Swinging to Mardi Gras Jazz

Celebrating New Orleans as the birthplace of jazz, our Mardi Gras jazz music will have you swinging, swaying and grooving to the hypnotic beat that makes you want to jive!

Beginners can also learn basic, simple dance steps from our crew – with our special Mardi Gras cocktails to get you in the mood!


Family-Friendly Fun

Fun activities and games make our “Mardi Gras Extravaganza at Sea” a joyful family-friendly experience for young and old alike.

Workshops for DIY accessories and face painting prepare you for a truly spectacular appearance at the Grand Parade.

You can also become expert at winning traditional bead and coin tossing games!


The Art of a Bikini Shoot & Island Photo Shooting Shorex

Ike Eichensehr will deliver fascinating lectures on board Star Cruises with captivating insights on his work and on his specialty – capturing women in their skin and making women in swimwear look incredible. Eichensehr has shot portraits from Hillary Clinton to Kobe Bryant and has been published in FHM, GQ, HK Bazaar, Marie Claire, Prestige, and Elle (China). There will be potential shore excursions with Ike Eichensehr.

Date: 11th - 15th & 25th - 30th Apr, 21st - 25th  May & 6th - 11th Jun 2020