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Culinary Voyage to Philippines & Italy!


  • Mariners (Deck 7)
  • Blue Lagoon (Deck 7)

Date: 1st June – 31st July 2019


Our culinary voyage around the world continues aboard Star Pisces through summer with an enticing flavour of the Philippines…and a salute to the ever-popular cuisine of Italy. 


Filipino cuisine is tipped to become a hot new food trend. You can find out why this cuisine is quite different from anywhere else in Asia, or indeed the world, with classics like Rellengong Bangus – fried milk fish stuffed with pork mince, served with garlic fried rice, papaya atchara, spiced vinegar and vegetable sinigang broth. 

Traditional Favourites 
Another traditional favourite bringing Filipino cuisine into the mainstream dining world is Beef Linagpang – simmered beef brisket with tomato, onions, baby corn and sweet potato, served with steamed rice and prawn crackers. 
A lot of gourmets believe Filipino chicken is up there with the tastiest in the world, and Spring Chicken Halang Halang showcases that quality perfectly, served with steamed rice and classic adobo kangkong. 
Sweet Sensations 
And the sweet-toothed nation also excels at desserts, none more popular than traditional Sapin Sapin – steamed glutinous rice cake topped with dessicated coconut. 


Italian cuisine is the top-pick of international cuisines for most, famed worldwide for traditional domestic favourites like pizza and pasta. 
We’re bringing a taste of all four distinctive regional Italian cuisine – roughly identified as northern, mid, southern and ‘island’. 

Regional Adventure 
The north is famous for cheese and forest mushrooms, with Pan Seared King Prawn with Asparagus the ultimate showcase. 
Journeying through mid-regions like Tuscany, we discover the deliciously popular and nourishing local specialty Zucca e Mandorie – pumpkin soup scattered with almond flakes. 

Sunny Southern Seafood 
From the sunny south, where fresh seafood from the islands is on every menu, we present their prized Seafood Linguine Alfredo with Pesto Barramundi. 
And what better way to finish your Italian culinary adventure with one of their signature desserts – Baked Ricotta Cheese Cake Scented with Callebaut Chocolate.