• Sasebo

Situated in the western prefecture of Nagasaki, Sasebo is a romantic port city reputed for its scenic beauty, relics of centuries-old culture and modern seaside resorts.

Destination Details

The Kujuku Islands, a cluster of 208 tiny islands off the coast of the city, offer unparalleled scenic views. Cruise or kayak around to get a closer look at the untouched nature and abundant sea life or take in the whole scene from the Tenkaiho Observatory. The view at sunset is so beautiful, it featured in the movie, The Last Samurai.  

Things to See and Do

Huis Ten Bosch is a famous theme park modelled after a Dutch town. Take a stroll along its quaint canals and explore the iconic windmills, lush gardens and European architecture. Sports fans will enjoy the Kenji Johjima Memorial Museum, which details the baseball player’s rise from youth leagues to the Seattle Mariners.

Shore Excursions

The Nagushiyama Park is filled with exotic plants and blossoms into a sea of pink in azalea season. Venture further out of the city and you can see beautiful ceramics being made by potters in Mikawachi village.


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Travel Reminders

The city is known for its American cuisine, so don’t forget to try the famous “Sasebo Burger” before you go!