• Fukuoka

Fukuoka is an important harbour city in Japan. The city enjoys an abundant supply of fresh seafood and excellent cuisine.

Destination Details

Today, Fukuoka City is a combination of two towns – the trading town of Hakata and the former castle town of Fukuoka, which were united in 1889. Apart from a rich history dating back 2000 years, the city is also famous for its SoftBank Hawks baseball team and hearty Hakata ramen.

Things to See and Do

You’ll find plenty to do in this warm and friendly city. Stroll along the indoor canal of the enormous Canal City Hakata, which boasts a theatre, game centre, cinemas, two hotels and an entire floor dedicated to ramen. Or breathe in the fresh sea air at the waterfront and enjoy incredible views from the observation deck of the 234-metre-tall Fukuoka Tower.

Shore Excursions

A great way to delve into history is to explore the ruins of Fukuoka Castle, which was torn down during the Meiji Restoration. The surviving walls and turrets are now set in a beautiful park. Don’t miss Japan’s first Zen temple, Shofukuji, founded in 1195 by Priest Eisai, who introduced the teachings from China.


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Travel Reminders

The best place to find Fukuoka's popular open air food stands (yatai) is on Nakasu Island, where you can join the locals for a delicious feast of grilled chicken skewers, hot pot and Hakata Ramen in an attractive riverside setting. Be prepared to queue up for the best dishes!  

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