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Exotic Gourmet Journeys – Thai & Argentina

April – May 2019


Join us on exhilarating culinary journeys to Thailand and Argentina aboard ‘Star Pisces’ in April and May.  


In April we celebrate Thailand’s colourful ‘Songkran Festival’ – welcoming guests aboard with traditional Thai New Year decoration and pageantry.  

Paying homage to the year’s most joyous celebration, our gourmet tribute to the nation’s spicy, exotic ‘national treasure’ presents all your favourites – from Thai Style Fish Cake Salad (“Yum Mun Pla”) to beloved, tangy Tom Yam Goong with Prawns and King Mushroom (“Tom Yam Roummit Tha Lay”). 


In May we embark on a gastro-adevnture half way round the world to Argentina savouring legendary prime beef and sizzling ‘pampas’ grill specialties like “Cordeiro” Roasted Lamb Leg, marinated with spiced mustard and fresh orange juice, and famously crispy and juicy “Frango” Chicken Wings. 


Available at:

  • Mariners (Deck 7 Fwd)
  • Blue Lagoon (Deck 7 Mid)