• Naha/
Exploration of Naha – without meal

Applicable on cruise date March 31, 2017 - October 27, 2017 


Duration: approx. 7 hours (include travelling time) 
Tour Code: SQNAH10NM 
Price:  TW$2,300 per Adult, TW$1,800 per Child


  • Glass Bottom Boat – Enjoy your time for taking the whale-shaped glass bottom boats trip, you can see the a lot of fishes, corals and other sea creatures through the glass at the bottom of a boat. It is interesting to see clowfish, moorish idol, wrasse, blue damselfish, and other beautiful fish swimming in the tropical ocean. (This attraction is not recommended for handicapped passengers or occupy with wheelchair.  Passengers can enjoy and take photo at the beach nearby.)
  • Okashigoten Confectionary Factory Line – original Beni-imo tarts are made in the line factory where you can get to see its final process of manufacturing through the window in the shop, and where you can find the famous Okinawan sweets products such as Beniimo Tart and purple yam cream.
  • Manzamou – named by the King Shoukei of the Ryukyu Dynasty, Manzamou means an area of grass to sit 10,000 people. The cliff is located in the middle of the coast of Okinawa Main Island and looks like an elephant's nose. The plateau above it is made of raised ancient coral reefs beaten by the waves. Most of the plants you see around this area are designated as special natural treasures. The view from the cliff, 15 to 20 meter above the sea, is breath-taking but you must be careful not to miss the trail.
  • Mihama American Village – the entertainment complex' theme of Americana provides a nostalgic pleasure for residents of the bases as well as an interesting diversion for the locals. The Mihama American Village resembles a big American outdoor shopping mall with lots of shops, restaurants and cafes. The most recognizable feature of the American Village is the large Ferris wheel.
  • Pharmacy – Enjoy some shopping in local pharmacy where you can find health products, cosmetics, drugs and groceries.


** In the event of unsuitable weather conditions, the glass bottom boat trip may be cancelled. Participants of this tour will then change to visit Underwater Observatory – visitors descend a spiral staircase to the circular room with portholes where allows visitors a 360 degree view of the marine life. It is like getting inside a giant tank with glass windows open to the underwater world. (This attraction is not recommended for handicapped passengers or occupy with wheelchair.  Those passengers can enjoy and take photo at the beach nearby.


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