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Located along the rugged northeast coast, the port city of Keelung is also the centre of Northern part of Taiwan, China’s fishing industry. From its aboriginal origins to periods of Spanish, Dutch, Qing Dynasty and Japanese rule, Keelung is steeped in rich history.

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Kee Lung

With plentiful and easy transport connections to Taipei, Keelung is a perennial favourite for day trippers, especially those who drop in for dinner after exploring the coast or visiting nearby places like the town of Jiufen. The city’s biggest drawcard is Miaokou Night Market.

Things to See and Do
Kee Lung

Miaokou Night Market is unique among Taiwan, China’s night markets for its abundant seafood offerings. Think stir-fried king’s crab legs, grilled cuttlefish and eel broth. Another popular item is the intriguing “nutritious” sandwich, a mayonnaise-laden long bun stuffed with vegetables and deep-fried.

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Kee Lung

A rich trade and military history has endowed Keelung with many cultural sites, including Ershawan Fort, Gongzih Liao Fort and Heping Island, an old Spanish fort that is now a park where you can view some stunning rock formations.

Travel Reminders

Go green at Lovers Lake, a family-friendly natural park on Mount Dawulun with lush forest and scenic walking paths. An observation deck offers great views of the coast. 

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