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Naha Shopping Tour – without meal

Applicable on cruise date March 31, 2017 - October 27, 2017 


Duration: approx. 6.5 hours (include travelling time)
Tour Code: SQNAH01NM
Price: TW$1,350 per Adult, TW$950 per Child


  • Shuri Castle Shureimon (outside visit) – Shuri Castle is a gusuku (Okinawan) style Japanese Castle which dates back to the 14th century, and was constructed by the Ryukyu kingdom. Shuri Castle contained the palace of the Ryukyu Kingdom. Shureimon is one the main gate of Shuri Castle. The gate reflects strong Chinese influence, alongside indigenous religious traditions. The four Chinese characters framed on the gate - Shu, rei, no, and kuni, which mean 'Land of Propriety' - were added to the gate long after it was built. The structure of the gate is similar to that of Chinese three-bay turret gates, and is covered with a red hip-and-gable tiled roof.
  • Pharmacy – Enjoy some shopping in local pharmacy where you can find health products, cosmetics, drugs and groceries.
  • Shin-toshin Omoromachi – It is a fashionable shopping and commercial district. Frequented by young people, families and tourists, the area has large stores selling high end designer fashion goods and brand name items at stores such as; Tsutaya, Toys R Us, Best Denki (electronics store), Duty Free, Co-op market, San-A (super market). The area also has many restaurants and a movie theater.
  • Kokusaidori – It is the main shopping precinct in Naha, with souvenir shops, cafes, restaurants and fashion boutiques along both sides. Historically Kokusaidori was known as 'The Miracle Mile' because of its rapid recovery after World War II.


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