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SuperStar Aquarius Taiwan-Japan Cruise

SQNAH05NM Naha Shopping Tour – without meal

SQNAH06NM Historical Naha – without meal

SQNAH07NM Naha Highlights – without meal 

SQNAH08NM Essence of Naha – without meal 

SQNAH10NM Exploration of Naha – without meal 

SQNAH11NM Ocean Expo Park – without meal 

SQNAH12WM Taste of Okinawa  – with meal 

SQNAH17NM Longevity Secret: Sea Grapes Tour – without meal 

View More (Sailing Date March 31, 2019 – October 20, 2019)

View More (Sailing Date May 05 , 2019 – October 13, 2019)


SuperStar Aquarius Taiwan-Japan Cruise (Sailing Date May 19, 2019)

SQNAH01NM Naha By Night Tour – without meal

SQNAH02NM Best of Naha Tour – without meal

SQNAH03WM Okinawa BBQ & Shopping Tour – with meal

SQNAH05NM Naha Shopping Tour – without meal

SQNAH20NM Naha Half Day Tour – without meal

SQNAH21NM Chuko Awamori Tour – without meal 

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