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Koh Kong Island (Technical Call)

The untouched paradise of Koh Kong Island represents the perfect getaway, beckoning visitors seeking a retreat from fast-paced urban life. Stunning natural vistas stretch as far as the eye can see, offering boundless potential for exploration and discovery.

Destination Details
Koh Kong Island

Home to one of Asia’s largest mangrove estuaries, Koh Kong Island has largely escaped commercial development, offering travellers a chance to experience the lush gifts of Mother Nature. Intrepid adventurers eager to venture beyond the island’s pristine beaches will find stunning cascade waterfalls and jungle environs teeming with wildlife.

Things to See and Do
Koh Kong Island

Local ecotourism initiatives lead jungle trekking tours, while boat excursions along the Ta Tai River offer comfortable front-row seats to nature’s splendour. Experience the beauty of the island’s mangrove mudflats at the Peam Krasop Wildlife Sanctuary, and help integrate wildlife back into their native habitats at the Baklang Beach Wildlife Release Station.

Shore Excursions
Koh Kong Island

Apart from the stunning beaches, Cambodian temples and statues in Sihanoukville are also the famous tourist attraction.

Travel Reminders

With the island’s year-round tropical climate, visitors would be wise to bring sunglasses and sunscreen, while those planning to hike might want insect repellent, a hat and appropriate footwear. For tips on local tours and seasonal attractions, the beachside huts are often a good source of information.

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