Disembarking During Your Cruise

There may instances where guests may need to complete certain documentation and show their passports to disembark at some ports. We will hand out these documents as necessary. If you encounter any difficulty in filling in the forms, our crew will be happy to assist you.


Bill Settlement/Star Express Check Out

We suggest settling your account the night before you leave the ship or at least three hours prior to disembarkation


Alternatively, you may opt for the "Star Express Check-out" by completing the necessary forms and handing them to the Reception during the cruise so that an itemized bill can send to your cabin.


Cruisers are encouraged to use this facility for a hassle free disembarkation.


Passport Collection

You may collect your passport by presenting your Access Card/government photo identity card.


If you want to collect passports on behalf of your family and friends, you need to have their Access Cards. Children who have their own passport or identification document and who cannot sign must be accompanied by their guardians/parents.


Details of collection times and venues will be printed in the Star Navigator found in every cabin or at the Reception.


Baggage Assistance

Should you require assistance to unload your baggage from the ship, please leave your baggage with your name clearly written on the luggage tag outside your cabin door, as advised in the disembarkation notice in your cabin.


Your luggage will be collected and delivered to the luggage collection area of the respective port of disembarkation.


To make your disembarkation as smooth as possible, guests will be ushered out in staggered groups. Please gather at your designated waiting area to await your turn to disembark.


At The End of Your Cruise

At the end of your cruise, please complete our Guest Feedback Form. We take all comments seriously. Your feedback will help us to better serve you in the future.