• Miyazaki
Miyazaki (Aburatsu)

Said to be the cradle of Japanese civilisation, the Miyazaki prefecture boasts numerous historically significant sites. The city itself enjoys both ocean and mountain views, and is a popular resort destination for Japanese tourists.

Destination Details

With a warm climate, Miyazaki has a fun, friendly vibe and overflows with unique restaurants, resorts, beaches and sports facilities. It is also known for its excellent surfing conditions year-round.

Things to See and Do

Relax on the white beaches of Aoshima Island, just off the south coast of the city. On the island, you’ll find a geological phenomenon known as Onino Sentakuita, or ‘The Devil's Washboard’, which is only visible at low tide. Perfectly straight grooves have been naturally formed in the basalt rock, and look almost manmade.

Shore Excursions

Visit the Miyazaki Shrine, which is said to have been established over 2600 years ago in honour of the Emperor Jimmu, the semi-mythical first emperor of Japan. Nearby, you can explore the Miyazaki Prefectural Museum of Nature and History, which includes a small open-air museum consisting of traditional farmhouses up to 200 years old that have been relocated from around the area.

Travel Reminders

Visit the Florante Miyazaki, a botanical park with beautiful green lawns and themed gardens all around. You can even have a gardening lesson if you are keen. However, remember that the blooms are seasonal and will differ depending on what time of the year you visit.