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Okinawa Wagyu Beef Premium Food & Shopping Tour – with meal

Applicable on cruise date March 31, 2017 - October 27, 2017 


Duration: approx. 6.5 hours (include travelling time)
Tour Code: SQNAH13WM 
Price: TW$5,400 per Adult, TW$4,900 per Child


  • Shuri Ryusen – The store increases awareness and sensitivity towards art of Okinawa, traditional crafts and Bingata. 1F is Show Shop, show cases Kimono, Bingata and coral dyed daily items and interior. 2F is Coral dyed experience corner, craft centre displays antiquities and legends associated with Ryukyu dynasty’s top ranking deity. 3F is Dye factory, this is a dyeing workshop. Visitors can experience dyed coral or dyed Bingata here.

  • Heki – stores name with one character "heki" symbolizes the color of the mysterious ever changing sea of Okinawa. Enjoy Okinawa Wagyu Beef set menu (Main Dish will be Kuroge Wagyu Beef Thigh Steak with 2 Okinawa prawns). With a strict particularity beef is selected, and expert female chefs take time to prepare a product that has little fat or sinew.

  • Chuko Gura – It is the place to go for a tour of a full scale awamori distillery. It has the largest wooden storehouse on island, and has many fans for its taste as well as its commitment of even making their own storage pot. As a distillery that has won many awards, it has a distinctive Kusu (aged awamori) investment system, and manufactures and sells many products. It is also the only distillery that provides an experience program of traditional handmade awamori. (Awamori DIY experience on guest own expense, cost at JPY7,560, equiv. to NTD2,030 per person)

  • Ashibinaa Outlet Mall – Ashibinna is Okinawa's first ever outlet mall, with 70 global brands located in one location offering goods at 30-80% of their regular price. 


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