• Nagasaki

A vibrant and charming city, Nagasaki boasts a rich trading history, picturesque churches, shrines and temples, and a diverse culinary scene, set around a beautiful harbour.

Destination Details

As one of Japan’s most prominent trading ports for many centuries, this welcoming city was home to many Dutch and Portuguese settlers. Today, echoes of European influence can still be found throughout the city, from its architecture to its cuisine.

Things to See and Do

Go for a leisurely stroll around Glover Garden, an open-air museum exhibiting several mansions once occupied by foreign settlers. The Glover Residence is the oldest Western-style wooden building in Japan, and all the decorations, furniture and appliances of the day have been carefully preserved, offering a glimpse of the opulent lifestyle of its former residents.

Shore Excursions

Kofukuji Temple is the oldest Chinese-founded temple in Nagasaki, and the birthplace of the Obaku school of Zen Buddhism in Japan. Established around 1620 by a Chinese monk, the temple’s architectural style is remarkably different to other temples in Japan. Don’t miss the enormous glass lantern imported from China, which hangs in the main hall.

Travel Reminders

Taking a Gondola ride to the top of Mount Inasa, which stands 333 metres high near the city centre, is a must for all visitors to Nagasaki. The night views from the top of this mountain are among the best in Japan. But remember to dress warm because it can get very cold and windy up there.