Onboard Access Card

Onboard Access Card


Cashless System
Your Access Card functions as a charge card and stateroom key onboard our vessels.

You will be able to use this card onboard when you patronise any of our food and beverage and service outlets as cash is not accepted in any of our outlets.

Please ensure that you sign your name at the back of the card as a verification for us and present it to our Service crew when you want to settle your bill.

There is an initial credit limit for your Access Card which may be increased by presenting your credit card for verification at the Reception.

Major credit cards (Visa / Master / JCB / Amex / Diners) are accepted with a specified floor limit.


Children's Credit Barring
Should you wish to limit or bar the use of your children's Access Cards for purchases, please have them re-encoded at the Reception.

Otherwise, your children may sign for any facilities or purchases and you will be liable for those charges.   


Access Card Loss
Please report the loss of your Access Card immediately to the Reception where a new one will be issued and the former invalidated.

This will prevent any liability for charges incurred on the lost card.