Arrival at the check-in area

Upon your arrival at the check-in area, please present your Confirmation Slip to the staff.


If you're an Admiral Class guest, our Guest Services Co-ordinator will meet and assist you with the check-in.


For Balcony Class* guests, it is best that you check in together with your family, relatives and friends if everyone is cruising on Balcony Class to enjoy priority embarkation.


Please note that if you are booked on Balcony Class* while your family, relatives and friends are sailing as World Cruisers, it is not possible to check-in on their behalf and neither will they enjoy priority check-in or boarding.


As there are a large number of World Cruiser guests checking in at the same time we suggest that one person check in on behalf of the rest of the group but please ensure that you have all their passports and travel documents ready.


*Note: Balcony Class is available on SuperStar Gemini & SuperStar Aquarius only.


Waiting to check-in

While waiting to check-in, our staff will check your passport for validity and visas (if required) in order to expedite the check-in process.


Please present your passport/government photo ID and Confirmation Slip at the counter where you will be given an Access Card. Your Access Card is important as it serves as a boarding pass, cabin key and charge card onboard.


Admiral Class, Balcony Class and World Cruiser guests will receive Yellow, Red and Blue Access Cards respectively.


Please ensure to have the relevant immigration forms completed together with your passport during check-in.


For your comfort and convenience, we recommend that each guest take no more than one suitcase and one piece of hand baggage. These must fit comfortably in your cabin as no baggage will be stored in the ship's hold. Your total baggage weight is suggested not more than 30kg*.

*Total baggage weight varies from vessel to vessel.




Guests will need to pass through security screening and present their Access card prior to boarding.


Those cruising with children may hold their children’s Access Cards on their behalf.


As embarkation procedures may change and vary from port to port please follow the directions of the crew and signage to embark the ship.

Remember to swipe your access card whenever you leave or enter the ship.


Directions to the Embarkation Port

International cruise port/terminal addresses




Penang International Cruise Terminal (PICT)

Swettenham Pier, 1A, Persiaran King Edward, 10300 Penang

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