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Okinawa Food Festival

26th June – 31st July 2019


SuperStar Aquarius brings you a feast of Asian tropical flavour, the "Okinawa Food Festival", and the brand-new entertainment program “HARMONY” to celebrate this sensational summer!



The Tastes of Okinawa

As a treat for your palate, our “Okinawa Summer” starts with local specialties prepared by our talented culinary team.


Tuna Cutting Show (selected cruise departures only)

Enjoy a tuna cutting show performed by our professional Chef Team. And savour freshly cut tuna sashimi!


“Summer Okinawa” Buffet Dinner*

The “Summer Okinawa” Buffet Dinner served in Mariners Restaurant (Deck 9) is full of local delicacy like Umi Budo (Okinawa Seaweed grapes), Mimiga (marinated pig’s ears), Goya Chanpuru (sautéed bittermelon with tofu, egg and Spam)… and the signature Okinawa purple potato tarts!

(On the second night of every Destination Cruise)


Summer Okinawa Flavours#

Blue Lagoon (Deck 9) offers superb dining experience with an “Okinawa Touch”- Okinawa Tuna with sea grapes Sashimi, Okinawa pork belly Ramen, Okinawa purple potato pancakes, etc.


 “Okinawa Brown Sugar” Drinks#

Venue: all outlets and bars

With its deep & intense flavor, Okinawa Brown Sugar makes Matcha Bubble Tea, Mocha, etc rock!


Okinawa Awamori#

The signature “Ji-zake” (local spirit) Awamori can be enjoyed at all restaurants and bars. Of course you can try a sip for free at Tea Corner (Deck 9).


*Inclusive for all guests

#Chargeable items


Parent-Kid Summer Program

Come and join our “Learn-n-Fun” Parent-Kid summer program. Collect all the stamps and get an award certificate on this cruise!


Okinawa Arts & Crafts

Experience the unique Okinawa cultures with plaster Shisa painting, stardust bottle DIY, etc. at our arts and crafts workshops.


“YUKISIO Snow Salt” Spa Promotion

Limited special discount for YUKISIO Snow Salt Treatments - Body Exfoliation Treatment (NTD 999) and Body Exfoliation with Body Massage (NTD 2,880) will be offered at Ins’ Spa & Sauna (Deck 12).


Brand New Production Show


An amazing show with the concept of helping the others to make the world a better and happier place.