Onboard Safety

As safety is Star Cruises' number one priority we require every guest to attend the safety drill on the first day of the cruise.


This consists of a general briefing on the safety equipment, guidelines and procedures that you should follow in the unlikely event of an emergency.


Please note that heating elements, hotplates and electric irons are not allowed onboard.


A Muster Station is an assembly point where you should proceed to in the event of an emergency. Its location can be found on your Access Card and there is also a sign at the back of your cabin door that shows you the direction to your Muster Station.


Please watch the in-house passenger safety video for more information.



The Captain reserves the right to evict guests from the ship in cases where their conduct affects the safety and comfort of other guests. In these instances, Star Cruises accepts no liability or other expenses incurred by these guests.


When returning to your cabin late at night, please be considerate of others who may have retired early and do not allow your children to run up and down the cabin corridors.


Hoverboards & Self-Balancing Scooters

Small vehicles powered by lithium-ion batteries are prohibited on board all Star Cruises ships.


In view of the fire risk associated with small vehicles powered by lithium-ion batteries – including the AirWheel, Solowheel, Hoverboards and mini Segways, and other self-balancing scooters – Star Cruises has announced a ban on all such vehicles and related accessories effective immediately.


If these items are brought to the embarkation terminal they will be refused and it will be the passenger’s responsibility to arrange the disposal of such banned items prior to boarding. Please note that Star Cruises is not obligated to store these items on your behalf.


Example: AirWheel, Solowheel, Hoverboards and mini Segways


Other self-balancing scooters

Non-motorized small vehicles including scooters, skateboards, bicycles, etc. and wheeled footwear including rollerblades, roller-skates, Heelys, etc., may be brought on board Star Cruises ships but, for the safety of passengers and guests, may not be used while on board.