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Are you looking for a cruise to China? Travelling to China with us, and we will bring you to explore the the beauty of tropical location of China.

Sanya, Hainan, China
Often called Hawaii of the East, Sanya is a paradise for millions of holidaymakers.

Trip to Sanya for SuperStar Virgo: January to April, 2016

Its magnificent Nanshan Temple is home to the world's tallest statue of Guan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy. The temple stands 108 metres above the water on its own island, from where the Goddess enjoys a spectacular view of the seas.


Sanya, China


Xiamen, Fujian, China

Xiamen, located in Fujian Province along China’s southeast coast, is famous for its attractive seascape.

Trip to Sanya for SuperStar Libra: April to September, 2016

Xiamen means “Gateway to China”, although the city has also been called Egret Island because of the hundreds of thousands of egrets that once +flocked there. Subtropical Xiamen enjoys a warm, humid climate in which flowers bloom year round.



Xiamen _meitu


Guangzhou, China
China's Southern Gate of Guangzhou is a buzzing modern metropolis at the hub of business, transportation and culture in southern China, with tourist attractions galore from sky-high Canton Tower and historic Haixinsha Park to an amazing array of shop, stores and stalls for souvenirs along Shangxiajiu Commercial Pedestrian Street.

Trip to Guangzhou (Nansha) for SuperStar Virgo: January to November, 2016

Appreciate the full glory of this historic city on a romantic Pearl River Night Cruise. Get back to nature at Nansha Wetland Park and Mount Lotus (Lianhuashan) Scenic Area. Relax in the soothing, healing waters of Conghua Hot Spring, and delight in plants blossoming year round in the manicured parks and gardens which inspire Guangzhou's reputation as a "City of Flowers".


Guangzhou, China



Nansha, China

Nansha, China

Homeported at the Pearl River gateway to Guangzhou has some special attractions of its own. For nature lovers, Sun-over Garden is unique in China for its vast variety of sun-owners introduced from Europe and Japan.

Trip to Nansha for SuperStar Virgo: January to November, 2016

Nansha Tianhou Palace is an ancient wonder, built into a mountain, and its 15-metre statue of Tianhou is one of the tallest Mazu statues in the world. At nearby Lianxi Village, Mai's Ancestral Hall is a fabled historic monument, revered among the most impressive examples of architecture and craftsmanship of its era.




Shenzhen, China

Shekou, Shenzhen, China

A sub-district located in Nanshan, one of six zones of Shenzhen, Shekou is best-known for being home to a large expatriate community since the 1980s. This has lent an international flavour to the area, and you’ll find plenty of restaurants and one of Shenzhen’s two main bar streets here.

Shenzhen has a sizeable migrant population and because of this, you can find cuisine from all over China for any budget, ranging from street stalls to chain restaurants and fine dining. Venture out and always leave some tummy space for the next food stop.

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